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This is a small, lightweight, set of adhesive prosthetic costume horns for makeup artists seeking a professional and realistic look.  These metallic, bronze-tinted horns are great for steampunk, satyr, devil, faun, dragon, goat, monster, or any fantasy adult cosplay costumes. They are hand-sculpted from ultra-light polymer clay and hand-painted.  Apply with a small amount of spirit gum (industry-standard professional costume glue). Spirit gum and instructions are included. The horns are about 1/2 " inch in diameter and about 1 1 /2" inches tall. They are comfortable, lightweight, and durable.  Because they are hand-sculpted, each pair is a little different, the pair you receive may not be exactly the same as the picture but will be very close. Best for adults. 

Thanks so much for your support of handmade art! 

Small, adhesive prosthetic horns for realistic, professional costumes

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