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A Wiccan, pagan, witch themed pentacle or pentagram cross stitch pattern download. Wicca style needlepoint design pdf chart with DMC embroidery floss color suggestions in a printable full color chart. 129 x 129 stitches.  Represented in colors over symbols on a grid.  Pattern requires regular full cross stitches, back stitching, and 3/4 stitches. 


The Elfin Forest retains all copy rights to this image and pattern


You will download a PDF file of the pattern after cleared payment.


TIP: for figuring out what hoop size to use based on the preferred count of your stitching fabric:
A 4" hoop has approximately 3.75" of workable surface (due to the space claimed by the inner hoop. 22 ct fabric has 22 stitches per inch, so 3.75 x 22 = 82.5 workable stitches for this pattern.
If you want to use 14 count fabric, then 82.5 x 14= 5.89 approximate inches of work surface is necessary. So round up and use a 6" embroidery hoop!  You can see how this formula will work with any fabric count!


Have fun and happy stitching!

Wiccan Pagan Pentacle cross stitch pattern download

  • Difficulty Level

    Easy Beginner

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