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A cute garden gnome, Scandinavian or Christmas gnomes cross stitch pattern download. Small, easy project suitable for beginners. Designed for 4" needlepoint hoop. The PDF chart includes embroidery floss color suggestions and will be in represented in symbols and colors.  Regular full cross stitches except for four 3/4 stitches (represented in the chart by a tiny version of that color's symbol) and some back stitches for the mouths are required.

This listing is for the pattern only, not the finished product.

TIP: for figuring out what hoop size to use based on the preferred count of your stitching fabric:
A 4" hoop has approximately 3.75" of workable surface (due to the space claimed by the inner hoop. 22 ct fabric has 22 stitches per inch, so 3.75 x 22 = 82.5 workable stitches for this pattern.
If you want to use 14 count fabric, then 82.5 x 14= 5.89 approximate inches of work surface necessary. So round up and use a 6" embroidery hoop! You can see how this formula will work with any fabric count!

Have fun and happy stitching!

Thanks for your interest in our art!  

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Garden gnomes cross stitch pattern download

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