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Stitch Your Stress Away: Cross-stitching is fun, relaxing, easy to learn and provides benefits similar to meditation!

It is thought that cross stitch and needlework has been around since the 6th century BC. Needlework skills were highly valued and passed down generation after generation. One of the many downfalls of our modern world is that we can go to the store and buy whatever we want whenever we want, often at less cost than making it ourselves. The tradition of teaching needlework to young people has been lost in a lot of ways but it is not gone.

A section of an old cross-stitch sampler from Germany
A really old traditional cross-stitch from Germany

After I came across a cross-stitch kit at a yard sale, I quickly learned how easy and fun it is to cross-stitch. Since that particular project was huge and not fit for beginners (I didn't know) the progress was slow, but every day I found myself looking forward to the time I had set aside to cross-stitch. I noticed that while cross-stitching I would be so completely focused on the simple task of counting and stitching that all other thoughts, stresses, plans, and concerns would be very distant. Having practiced yoga and meditation, I recognized that this is the same goal of meditation. In meditation, we learn to focus on our breathing to inhibit the thoughts that are continually rushing around in our brains creating stress and wreaking havoc on our bodies and minds. Cross-stitching produces very similar results, and you get a nice piece of art out of it.

If you have never tried cross stitching, consider it as a self-care activity for 2024. I found this YouTube video that shows the basics you need to get started.

Christi and I found a special niche in cross-stitch pattern design and started selling our patterns as pdf file downloads on ETSY several years ago. Designing cross-stitch patterns helped me as an artist to look at the aesthetic and composition, not so much focus on details. This concept has also helped with life in general.

We have listed some of our patterns for free download on our website and hope to continue adding new patterns when we can Free Cross Stitch Patterns

If you have never tried cross stitch and don't have any supplies, we also offer cross stitch kits that come with everything you need. Cross Stitch Kits

For those of you that are already in on it, we have lots of instant download patterns for sale in our shop on our new website The Art of Cara and Christi Brown. We hope you will give cross-stitch a try and experience all the wonderful benefits of this wonderful art form. Have fun and happy stitching!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I think that this is all so true. I just came back to cross stitching after more than two months and felt instantly relaxed! 👍☺️

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There is nothing like making it through your busy day and then finally sitting down with a cup of tea and a cross-stitch


The Starving Artist - By Cara Brown

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